Frequently Ask Questions

Q & A on Videography by Kris Magallon

What kind of cameras do you use?

This varies by project and shooting conditions. I like to mix it up and stay current. im a big fan of DSLRs for wedding videography because they are compact, unobtrusive and perform well. Please contact me for detailed specs.

What about lighting?

Don’t worry, we come with tools for lighting without blinding your guests. Some conditions can be limiting. We will consult with you to be clear about what we can do and how.

What about sound?

For High Resolution Audio,a digital handy recorder is placed during the ceremony. We also pick up sound throughout the day.

What is your style?

Artistic approach with dramatic film look.–– There are loads of creative choices that go into composing each shot and then piecing them all together into a completed movie. The slightest change of smallest thing can significantly affect the look and feel of your film.  cool isnt it?! This is what i love most about filmmaking. There is so much to explore! I strive to make choices with an objective to achieve a style that is based on you. This is done with careful consideration of shooting conditions, venue rules, other vendors, etc.

Do I have to feed you?

No, but it helps if you do♥

When do we get the finished product?

Usually, your entire package is delivered 2-3 months after the wedding day. During busy times, it could be up to 4 months. I am very meticulous with editing and want to take the time to make your film look (and sound) flawless! In the meanwhile you’ll have a sneak peak to hold you over!